How Microserve Used Story Point Estimation to Improve Profitability and Successfully Hit Project Deadlines

As the Head of Operations at Microserve, a key focus in my role is to improve agency profitability and project success.

In this talk I’ll dive into how we adopted “Story Point” estimation to achieve this, and show you how you can implement a better estimation process to see similar benefits.

The talk will go over:

  • A slight bit of background to how this came about at Microserve
  • Explanation of Man Hours vs Story Points, and gauging how the audience understands and uses those already
  • Why Man Hours doesn’t work!
  • A walk through of how we use Story Points and how they can be used to determine what the teams ‘Sprint Velocity’ is, which can then be used to create actual monetary estimates based on science.
  • How we create Baseline Estimates at the start of the project when we have nothing to base it on
  • How we can use this technique to put better estimates to a whole large project
  • What to avoid for those who already have some understanding of the technique
  • Questions!